A rare reunion in Atlanta!!! 

Hello friends!    

      Just a quick note to make sure everyone knows about the 'reunion' show coming up in a couple weeks. With my full-time gig writing songs for today's radio country acts, Spirko's world travels with Ron Pope as well as his solo project, Shawn's many projects (Autumn Attics, O/A, and more!) and Rashad's band Dreambrother, the 4 of us just haven't had many opportunities to get together and play the old CCSG/SoGo stuff.  SO if you've been missing it, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!!! The four of us will be getting together for a one-night-only, very special show at the Vista Room in Atlanta, GA. The first half of the show will be mostly new tunes, including lots of songs that I've written that have been cut by other artists, as well as a couple tunes from the Spirko solo EP. The second half of the show will be all your favorites from New Hometown & 90 Proof Lullabies. We're going to do full band piano versions of all of these tunes - it's sounding KILLER. Opening the show at 8pm will be the very talented 'Adelaide & Christopher', featuring Christopher Alan Yates of the Ed Roland & the Sweet Tea Project.  CC & the SG will take the stage from 9:15-11ish.  The Vista Room is an awesome new venue, and there are both tables and standing room tickets.  We really want to make this an amazing night, so PLEASE take a moment, make your plans and grab your tickets today!   Tickets are available RIGHT HERE!! I know we have lots of people coming in from SC, NC, TN, etc for this one, so if you need recommendations on where to stay, etc, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.  Can't WAIT to see you all.      

Your friend, Connor  


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